SUE "Fan va tarakkiyot"

State Unitary Enterprise

17.05.2023 у. at 14:00 o'clock the defense of the dissertation work by Karshiyev Mamarayim

17.05.2023 у. at 14:00 o'clock Karshiyev Mamarayim was defended on the topic: «Development of technology for the production of composite metallic porous permeable materials (PPM) and manufacture of products with anisotropic pore structure for the purification of liquids and gases for engineering purposes», in the specialty: 02.00.07 – "Chemistry and technology of composite, varnish and rubber materials" and 05.02.01 - "Materials science in mechanical engineering. Foundry production. Heat treatment and pressure treatment of metals" (technical sciences) for the degree of Doctor of technical sciences (DSc).