SUE "Fan va tarakkiyot"

State Unitary Enterprise


State Unitary Enterprise "Fan va tarakkiet" conducts fundamental, applied and innovative research in the field of mechanics and technology, physics, chemistry of organic and inorganic composite materials based on local and secondary raw materials for the needs of various industries, agriculture.

List of projects of SUE "Fan va tarakkiyot"

for the period from 2017 to 2020


Project number

Project theme

Project leader, scientific degree, vocation

Project planned for 2017-2020 (fundamental projects)




"Identifying patterns and investigating the mechanism of the formation and destruction of the adhesive properties of polymeric materials depending on different ingredients to produce effective polymer, paint, compositional materials and coatings based on them"


("Exploring the mechanism of interaction of composition components and establishing patterns between the conditions of synthesis of properties of nanometal complexes to develop effective compositions of coloring compositions and intensification of coloring technology")

S. S. Negmatov

Doctor of technical sciences, prof.  academic                

(responsible executor R.X.Saidaxmedov, T. Ulmasov)

 Rasulova Sh.N., (candidate of technical sciences)




"Research of the physical and chemical patterns of metallurgical processes in the production of copper and zinc aimed at increasing the output of metals using non-ferrous waste"

Yakubov M.M.

(doctor of technical sciences. prof.)




"Exploring the mechanism of physical and chemical interaction of composition components and establishing a pattern of change and regulation of their properties to produce effective composite polymeric materials of various purposes"

("Establishing patterns of the formation of structures and properties of composite materials on the basis of a reactionary acrylic oligomer")

Gulyamov G. (candidate of technical sciences., dосent.)

(Yusupbekov A.X. doctor of chemical sciences, prof.)

Project planned for 2018-2020 (applied projects)



Develop and research the technology of obtaining new assets for rubber products and composite materials based on local raw materials

Yusupbekov A.X.

(doctor of chemical sciences, prof.)



Development of technology for the production of new compounds of multifunctional chemical reagents to produce light, average and heavy drilling solutions, used in drilling oil and gas wells in complicated mountain and geological conditions in the oil and gas areas of the Republic of Uzbekistan and neighboring Central Asian countries

S.S. Negmatov

(doctor of technical sciences, prof. academic)                 



"Development of import substitution compositions and technology to obtain composite metal-polymer materials with pre-set anti-friction-wear-resistant antistatistically-thermal conductive properties for engineering, working in interaction with metal-polymer-composite-volovous materials"

Tuhtasheva M.N.

(candidate of technical sciences)



«Development of resource-saving nitro-oxidation technologies for the production of composite metallic machine-building materials with increased corrosion resistance for application in mechanical engineering and other industries»

Mixridinov R.

(doctor of technical sciences,  senior researcher)



"Development of the methodological basis of the method and improvement of the device for studying the properties of machine-building antifriction-wear-resistant antistatic-heat-conducting composite polymer materials and nanocomposites, metal and other materials operating under conditions of interaction with pulp"

Gulyamov G. (candidate of technical sciences., doсent.)



"Improvement of sheet metal rolling technology in order to improve mechanical properties"

R.X.Saidaxmedov, (doctor of technical sciences., prof.)



"Development of resource-saving technology for obtaining effective export-oriented metal-polymer and damping composite materials based on local and secondary raw materials for mechanical engineering with predetermined operational properties"

A. Ataxodjayev (candidate of technical sciences.)

Projects planned for 2019-2021 (applied projects)



“Technical and mineralogical assessment of valuable components (W, Mo, Fe, Re, Au, Ag, Cu) in wastes and intermediate products of NPO AGMK and development of technology for their extraction and production of commercial products - ammonium perrhenate AR-O, ammonium molybdenum acid and copper concentrate,


(doctor of chemical sciences., prof.)



"Development and development of technology for obtaining a composite polymer binder substitute for phenol-formaldehyde resin based on local raw materials and industrial waste."

M.G.Babaxanovа  (candidate of chemical sciences., senior researcher )

International scientific and technical project for 2019-2020



Development of new vibration-absorbing polymer composite materials and coatings based on organomineral ingredients and industrial waste products for the manufacture of parts for various machines, mechanisms and technological equipment, ensuring noise reduction and improving the environmental situation in production facilities at flax and cotton processing, metallurgical and other enterprises

R.X.Saidaxmedov, (doctor of technical sciences., prof.)